The sale at the stores allows you to touch and wear the filo.sofia clothing to perceive the differences compared to the other fabrics.
We have started selling to the public since April 2022, in the coming months we will select other stores that appreciate our product and the “philosophy of filo.sofia”. Alternatively you can buy online on our website
Our Bamboo is different: the Oeko-tex certified yarn is made in Europe (there isn’t Italian production), the fabric, the garments and the dyeing are made by us in Tuscany.


Borgo S. Jacopo 29B/R((near the Ponte Vecchio)) 50125 Firenze FI
Phone: +39 0559759988

RASPINI (woman)

Via Martelli 5/7 r (near the Duomo) 50129 FIRENZE
Phone: +39 0552398562