It is amazing the difference compared to the other fabrics

Wear Bamboo clothing because it makes you feel good.

Allergies, sweating, thermoregulation or simply for the pleasure of wearing comfortable and soft clothing.

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Without pretending, we ask you to share your experience on our website and on social channels after wearing and trying them out.

We tested the t-shirts and socks in various climatic conditions, in sport and in leisure.

The technical characteristics may seem illusory but we assure you that they are tangible immediately.

Weight, sex, age, level of physical activity, climate and genetics contribute to perspiration but the clothes in Bamboo make the difference and well-being is assured.

We want to spread, through real people, the magnificent experience of practicality and sustainability wearing clothing filo.sofia

The prices? What may seem expensive becomes cheap thanks to the magnificent features of Bamboo, timeless style, use in all seasons for casual occasions, for sports or as underwear.

We do everything in Italy, we don’t assemble!

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P.S. promotion valid until 20 December 2022