Spontaneous testimonies of people who have touched, worn and experienced the filo.sofia garments in Bamboo.
Before giving life to the sale of the “Collection One”, starting from November 2020, tests were carried out on the durability and effectiveness of sweaters, t-shirts, polo shirts and socks in Bamboo.
Soft to the touch, breathable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial and thermoregulatory, eco-friendly.

Francesco Boncompagni, entrepeneur

“I first wore the sweater (200gr) of the “Collection 0” in autumn, when temperatures were still not rigid: the perfect time for that type of sweater. To the touch it seems a bit cold but then once worn it transmits a lot of heat and knows how to maintain the body temperature, much more than cotton or wool. I find it perfect for summer evenings and mid-seasons allowing you to wear it even in the presence of significant temperature variations.
I regularly wear short-sleeved shirts in both cotton and wool. A few months ago, at the beginning of winter, I tried out my first t-shirt in bamboo filo.sofia. What struck me immediately is the softness: it seems to have a cashmere shirt version that being then in contact with the skin gives a feeling of softness that remains all day. As heaviness I would place it halfway between cotton and wool: it is less warm than wool but with a softness superior to any cotton and an exceptional ability to maintain its body temperature in the transition from cold to warm places, without getting hot right away like wool.
*Francesco touched, worn, experienced the short sleeve crew neck t-shirt and the crew neck sweater (200 gr) of the “Collection 0”

Cristina Rotellini, model | actress

“to the touch is a feather, beautiful feeling, slips on, it seems to have nothing.. but at the same time it gives me a gentle and reassuring embrace. Beautiful indeed. And the green mission is a valuable addition.”
*Cristina touched, worn, experienced the short sleeve crew neck t-shirt from the Collection 0

Luca Lanzano, pizza chef

“I have always been attentive to the eco-sustainability of the products. I had the opportunity to test the Bamboo garments made in Italy by filo.sofia.
What can I say? My most sincere congratulations!
The thermal seal is excellent despite the lightness of the garment. Pleasant and soft to the touch, I will definitely make new purchases.
Highly recommended!”

Massimo Pelagotti, entrepeneur

“I tried the t-shirt and already to the touch it is understood that the material is of another level, but the real pleasure is to wear it to feel it on the skin unlike the other materials has a surprising softness”
Carlotta Curini

Carlotta Curini, chartered accountant

“It is a very soft fabric to the touch, light, almost impalpable. The t-shirt is so delicate on the skin that it is perfect to wear even for those with very sensitive skin.”

Mònica Rodriguez (nikavission) Artist, Content creator, Yoga teacher

“I tried the copper t-shirts and the light blue shirt of the “Collection 0″ and I really love them. Congratulations because they are beautiful and I love the feeling they give me wearing them.”