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t-shirt and socks in Bamboo Made in Italy and eco-sustainable to use in all seasons for casual, intimate or sports use.
It is amazing the difference compared to other fabrics.
Read the testimonials of those who use clothing filo.sofia
Soft to the touch, thermoregulating, they absorb moisture, don’t emit odors with sweating.
We do everything in Italy – we don’t “assemble in Italy”.

Giulia Carboni


Personal trainer & model

I deliberately chose to try them in two different stress conditions.
Super recommended to all athletes and not.


Paloma Lago


tv host, model

Already the first time I wore it, people noticed it and loved it for the softness.


Francesco Boncompagni



It can maintain body temperature well, much more than cotton or wool.

Katia Mazzocco


administrative employee

Very pleasant feeling to have it on, even during physical activity.
Absolutely odorless after sports.


Mònica Rodriguez


(nikavission) Artist, Content creator, Yoga teacher

Congratulations because they are beautiful and I love the feeling they give me wearing them.


Luca Lanzano


pizza chef

The thermal seal is excellent despite the lightness of the garment.
Pleasant and soft to the touch.


Cristina Rotellini


model, actress

To the touch is a feather, beautiful feeling, it slips on, it seems to have nothing.


Massimo Pelagotti



The real pleasure is wearing it to feel it on the skin unlike other materials has a surprising softness.


Carlotta Curini

Carlotta Curini

chartered accountant

The t-shirt is so delicate on the skin that it is perfect to wear even for those with very sensitive skin.


Andrea Corrado e Maria Giulia Accolti Gil fondatori del marchio filo.sofia

Why did we choose Bamboo?

Well-being also depends on respect for the skin.
The differences of the t-shirts and socks in Bamboo compared to other fabrics are perceived immediately starting from the touch.
The clothing of filo.sofia meets the needs of people who love practicality, I recognize the quality, are sensitive to sustainability.
Bamboo clothing is suitable for people suffering from allergies, sweating, hyperhidrosis, hot/cold temperature changes and vice versa.
The prices? What may seem expensive becomes cheap thanks to the magnificent features of Bamboo, timeless style, use in all seasons for casual occasions, for sports or as underwear.
We do everything in Italy – we don’t “assemble in Italy”.
The fabrics, packaging and dyeing are made in Tuscany.

calzino in Bamboo corto da uomo
women’s and men’s socks in 100% Oeko-Tex certified Bamboo yarn Made in Italy
*In the heel and toe area there is the stretch as reinforcement
abbigliamento in Bamboo

We receive by appointment
Florence, Vicolo dell’Oro 1A, on the second floor of Palazzo Acciaiuoli you can view the collection, discover the features and buy