Why did we choose Bamboo?
T-shirts, shirts, socks and scarves in Bamboo for women and men.
A new “filo.sofia” in the fashion industry. Mental sustainability instead of environmental. Value instead of price. Three colors instead of 15. Four women’s models instead of 20. Five men’s models instead of 15. Timeless style. Use in all seasons. Concreteness instead of creativity. Being instead of appearing. Touching and wearing the products you perceive the clear differences compared to other fabrics. We make everything in Italy, even fabrics. Soft to the touch, thermoregulating, they absorb moisture, don’t emit odors with sweating. Our garments are certified as EcoDermoCompatible®, according to the Skineco® regulations (International Association of Ecodermatology). It means that the products don’t release toxic substances on the skin.
Bamboo clothing is suitable for all uses regardless of the seasons. It is also useful to people suffering from allergies, excessive sweating, temperature changes.
The prices? What may seem expensive becomes cheap thanks to the magnificent features of Bamboo.
We make everything in Italy, even fabrics.
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We receive by appointment
Florence, Vicolo dell’Oro 1A, on the second floor of Palazzo Acciaiuoli you can view the collection and buy


We will be present at various events. Pitti Immagine Uomo from 13/16 June 2023. Crafts and Palazzo in Florence, etc. Discover the complete list



Wow it’s Bamboo! Listen to the sensations of Stéphan, Lily, Saskia


t-shirts, shirts, socks and scarves in Bamboo to use all seasons.
We have been awarded the EcoDermoCompatibile® somebody’s certificate according to the Skineco® regulation (International Association of Ecodermatology).
We make everything in Italy, even fabrics.