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T-shirts, shirts, socks and scarves in Bamboo for women and men to be used on all occasions also as underwear or for sports.
For the first time fashion’s combine style, well-being, sustainability.
We make everything and exclusively in Italy/ Tuscany.
People tend to choose the best skin creams, but clothing also touches the skin. All day!
Why did we choose Bamboo?
– It’s thermoregulatory and extremely soft;
– Does not generate bad smells with perspiration;
– Can be used in all seasons;
– Performs even during sports activity;
– It’s the 1° fashion label with DermoCompatible (the tests were carried out at the laboratory of Chemical Sciences of the University of Ferrara);
– Raw material: we use 100% Bamboo viscose yarn made in Europe certified Oeko-Tex®;
– Minimum composition of Bamboo 96% or 100%
– Three types of fabrics (Jersey, Shuttle, Tricot).

The prices? What may seem expensive becomes affordable thanks to the magnificent characteristics of Bamboo, the accurate processing processes, the real “made in Italy”, the quality of raw materials.

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In Florence in Vicolo dell’Oro 1A, near Ponte Vecchio



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