The well-being of the skin by wearing the clothing in Bamboo by filo.sofia
For the first time fashion’s combine style, well-being, sustainability.
A lot of attention is devoted to the choice of cosmetic products but remember, clothing also touches the skin. All day long!
The t-shirts, shirts, scarves and socks in Bamboo of filo.sofia are Dermocompatible (this means zero toxicity on the skin), Thermoregulatory, Very Soft, do not generate bad smells with sweating.

It is the first brand in the fashion industry to be certified EcoDermoCompatible® according to the Skineco® (International Association of Ecodermatology).
The tests were carried out at the laboratory of Chemical Sciences of the University of Ferrara.
At this link you can see the interview with Prof.ssa Pucci Romano (dermatologist)

We only work the Bamboo in Italy/Tuscany, making the fabrics while respecting the viscose yarn during the production process.

Wellness in addition to beauty treatments, cosmetics, physical activity and nutrition, also depends on clothing, and Bamboo clothing makes you feel good.
We tested our clothing in various weather conditions even during sports activities.

The technical characteristics may seem like an illusion but we assure you that they are tangible immediately.
Weight, sex, age, level of physical activity, climate and genetics contribute to perspiration but the garments in Bamboo make a significant difference and well-being improves.

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