filo.sofia combines timeless style, practicality, well-being and sustainability.
A lot of attention is devoted to the choice of cosmetic products but remember, clothing also touches the skin. All day long!
The t-shirts, shirts, scarves and socks in Bamboo of filo.sofia are Dermocompatible (this means zero toxicity on the skin), Thermoregulatory, Very Soft, do not generate bad smells with Sweating.
The tests were carried out at the laboratory of Chemical Sciences of the University of Ferrara.

We dispel some myths about fabrics and sustainability.
First of all there are three categories: natural, artificial and synthetic.

  • natural of vegetable origin: cotton, linen, hemp
  • natural of animal origin: wool, silk, leather
  • artificial: viscose derived from the processing of wood cellulose
  • synthetic: nylon, polyester, pvc, elastane

Beliefs about natural tissues clash with reality if we take into account the impact on global warming, the degree of toxicity, the consumption of soil and water, the use of non-renewable resources.

Each step of processing makes a difference on the quality and environmental impact regardless of the type of fabric. If you really care about your skin and the environment you must refer to the “Philo” “Sophìa” then to knowledge. By opening yourself to these values you can recognize the validity of a product and appreciate the quality (the real, tangible).
N.B. we only work in Italy/Tuscany with Bamboo, making fabrics respecting the environmental and skin impact.

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