we started from a personal need

Andrea Corrado and Maria Giulia Accolti, co-founders of the brand filo.sofia have chosen to produce garments in Bamboo starting from a personal need related to the management of thermoregulation and sweating.

After a phase of personal testing of the products, we involved an audience of women and men to have confirmation on the technical characteristics, which we found.

The positive and exciting feedback led to the creation of filo.sofia to allow a potential audience to “live fashion and sport with philosophy”, that is to know the magnificent characteristics of Bamboo.

In filo.sofia sustainability involves:

  • Ideation process (timeless models that do not need to be thrown away after a few seasons);
  • the breadth of the collection (only 3 colors, those best sold in the fashion industry);
  • production (few models and never excess quantities);
  • use and storage of the garments for a longer duration;
  • Bamboo cultivation is carried out mainly without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, defoliants and fertilizers;
  • less use of detergents: washing must be carried out with little detergent with the addition of vinegar (no softener);
  • bamboo plants absorb about 5 times the amount of carbon dioxide and produce about 35% more oxygen, in equal proportions, than a forest of trees, thus reducing the gases responsible for the greenhouse effect.

We understand that all these features may seem illusory to push people to buy but after a year of testing we can guarantee the veracity of what we say.

*Facebook and Instagram? we prefer the image and communication of women and men who really touched, worn and live filo.sofia garments – there are no official channels.