Andrea Corrado and Maria Giulia Accolti Gil, co-founders of the filo.sofia brand.
We chose to produce Bamboo clothing starting from a personal need related to the bad management of Andrea thermoregulation and sweating.
After a phase of personal testing of the products, we involved an audience of women and men to have confirmation on the technical characteristics, which we found.
The positive and exciting feedback led to the creation of filo.sofia to allow a potential audience to “live fashion and sport with philosophy”, that is to know the magnificent characteristics of Bamboo.

The “philosophy of filo.sofia” that underlies the development of the project is based on the following points:
– mental sustainability instead of environmental sustainability;
– value instead of price;
– 3 colours in the collection;
– 4 models for women, 5 models for men,
– timeless style, use in all seasons;
– transversal use (sport, formal, casual)
– be instead of appearing.

Official social channels? we preferred YouTube
Alternatively we are present with personal Instagram profiles of Andrea Corrado and Maria Giulia Accolti Gil

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