luxury lies in the ability to understand it

Andrea Corrado and Maria Giulia Accolti, co-founders of the brand filo.sofia have chosen to produce garments in Bamboo proposing a new idea of “wardrobe of well-being” preferring practical, sustainable and transversal use.  

By changing the approach to consumption we can be stylish but at the same time respectful of the planet, otherwise greenwashing (ecology only facade) will be absolute master. 

Sustainability depends not only on production processes but also on consumer attitudes. Greater awareness of the products we buy, avoiding nonconformity, improves our well-being and that of the planet ensuring a dignified future.

For Andrea and Maria Giulia, sustainability involves the process of production, purchase and use of clothing:

  • the same t-shirt filo.sofia can be used for casual occasions, such as underwear or for sports;
  • in the collection there are timeless models in contrast to the elusive fashion;
  • t-shirts can be worn several times because the Bamboo does not allow the creation of odors with sweating;
  • use Bamboo garments reduces the contact with the skin of synthetic fibers;
  • Bamboo cultivation is carried out mainly without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, defoliants and fertilizers;
  • Our Bamboo is different: the Oeko-tex certified yarn is made in Europe (there is no Italian production), the fabric, the garments and the dyeing are made by us in Tuscany.

We understand very well that all these features may seem illusory to push people to buy but after a year of testing we can guarantee the veracity of what we say.

*Facebook and Instagram? we prefer the image and communication of women and men who really touched, wore and live the filo.sofia garments – there are no official channels.