Andrea Corrado and Maria Giulia Accolti have created the brand filo.sofia to combine skincare, style, eco-sustainability, in the purchase of sweaters, t-shirts, polo shirts and Bamboo socks for women and men.

Shopping in the fashion sector is considered a leisure activity but can also become a social, economic and cultural gesture. We can improve it by choosing according to the quality/ price ratio, environmental sustainability, style and skincare.

The interest in eco-sustainability is partly due to the “fashion to look green” but in filo.sofia we try to ride the fashion of sustainability with tangible elements. Just touch, wear and live a filo.sofia head to assess how much importance we give to the product.

The product is at the center of our attention. For example, the Jersey used to make t-shirts and polo shirts is made in Italy with the same Oeko-tex certified thread of sweaters and cardigans.

The corporate filo.sofia cares about social and environmental responsibility by adopting production and consumption methods that aim at awareness. 

*Facebook and Instagram? we give space to women and men who have touched, worn and live filo.sofia garments – there are no official channels.