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We make in Italy clothing in Bamboo Made in Italy ecosostenibile for women and men. 

Andrea and Maria Giulia, co-founders of the brand filo.sofia have chosen to produce t-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters and socks for women and men in Bamboo because it is a revolutionary mix between practicality and eco-sustainability.

The Bamboo fiber certified Oeko-tex allows you to produce soft clothing such as cashmere, breathable, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, thermoregulators. They absorb 40% more moisture than other natural fibers.

The sustainability of Bamboo:

  • the fibres derived from the processing of Bamboo rods are certified Oekotex;
  • Bamboo textile fiber is obtained from the stem through a process of alkaline hydrolysis;
  • Bamboo is a plant grown in Asia, America, Africa mainly without the use of synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, defoliants and fertilizers;
  • the cultivation of Bamboo has a very low environmental impact as it consumes 1/3 of the water of most crops and very often requires only rainwater, has very low carbon dioxide emissions and emits a large amount of oxygen;

If you choose to wear our Bamboo garments, you contribute to improving environmental sustainability in the textile industry.